Friday, January 21, 2011

More pictures from Exumas Land & Sea Park

Friday, 21 January, 2011

Yesterday was spent making bread aboard and reading after we put our plaque up on Boo boo hill.  The usual "happy hour" took place on the beach with about a dozen sailors showing up to chat and exchange stories.  Everyone is congenial and it's amazing how easily you make friends when sailing!  Tonight, the park is hosting the get-together and providing the ice (a real treat!!) so we look forward to getting together with other cruisers then.

We were thrilled to see about 6 huge, black rays this morning swimming near our boat and over the sandbars here.  I tried to get some pictures but they weren't very close to the surface.  At one point, a huge ray broached -- he came completely out of the water and sailed for a few seconds before splashing back in over the sandbar.  What a sight!  You just can't describe how amazing these creatures are.

We will probably snorkel some more today at slack tide since we're having more wind and current than normal.  It's always fun to see what's hiding under our boat and nearby.  We're fortunate to be on a mooring here as many boats are scrambling to find a safe spot for tomorrow's forecast gale.  Hopefully, it will be less fierce than predicted but, in any case, we're happy to be where we are. 

Following are some more pictures from the park:

This is one of the bananaquit birds mentioned in yesterday's blogs.  These little guys have bright yellow chests and are very friendly.  They appear on our boat daily and fly right into the cabin!  If you put sugar in your hand, you'll have them all over you in seconds.

One view from the porch of the park's office building.

These are bones from a huge sperm whale which are displayed on the beach.

Scott atop Boo boo hill.  He's read about this place for years and can't believe he's finally there!!

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