Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sunrise over Marsh Harbour

Saturday, 04 December, 2010

It's a beautiful morning (again) here in Marsh Harbour and I couldn't resist snapping this photo from the boat.  This is one view we have of the harbor here....they're all good views!

 Yesterday, we rode our bikes all around town again, through Boat Harbour development with its beautiful houses, slips, pools and white-sand beach.  Surprisingly, the place was pretty much deserted.....very few boats in the marina and apparently nobody in the hotel.  Hopefully, the people will be coming later, in January.  We're told that this is often the busier time of the year....after Christmas.

We rode up to George and Sally's place....a small bungalow they rent from Gail Cottman on the grounds of
"the castle".  This is the dwelling Dr. Cottman built on the highest point of land in Marsh Harbour.  He was the first doctor in the Abacos....his autobiography about this is titled Outisland Doctor and is well worth picking up.  His castle is quite an interesting structure....not at all in keeping with the local styles of architecture but so dramatic sitting atop the hill!  George and Sally's cottage has a small deck with the most amazing views of the Sea of Abaco and the many surrounding cays.  They live there year-round unless they are in their Florida home for short periods.  We enjoyed our visit with them then headed back down to the marina for another round of dominoes with our friends, Ian and Sue.  This time, as promised, we got our revenge!!!

Later on today, we'll leave this wonderful marina to head over to Hope Town.....a place we've heard alot about.  We're excited to be exploring again but we'll look forward to coming back here to the marina for the kids' visit, Dec. 22-28.

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