Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The latest plan...

Tuesday, 23 November, 2010

So, we're still at anchor in Lake Worth but we now have a plan for hopping over to the Abacos and we're excited to have put in the trip's waypoints on the chartplotter. Yesterday, we heard discussion between Galatea and Kokopelli on the VHF.  These are boats we had passed when heading south on the ICW from Vero Beach and Galatea hails from Edisto Island, SC....a place near and dear to our hearts.  We called Kokopelli after the overheard conversation and told them that we have the same route plans and would love to tag along with them.  Turns out, Kokopelli has crossed the gulfstream 12 times in the past and has been to the Abacos many times.

After Chris Parker's morning report today, Kokopelli has decided to try to make the jump on Friday morning.  This suits us just fine since it means we a) have experienced sailors to go with and b) Bethie gets to have her Thanksgiving meal on Thursday since we'll still be in Florida and c) because we will make a crossing during daylight rather than at night.  All of this gives us an extra measure of confidence about making the crossing and we are grateful to have discovered kindred spirits here.

After getting our forwarded mail from the West Marine today, we will go back to Publix for yet more groceries.  A high point of our day so far has been walking beside highway A1A, carrying 2 bags of trash in search of a dumpster.  How's that for adventures in cruising??

After our trip to Publix, we will head over to the Old Port Cove Marina for a chance to fill up on gas/ diesel and water.  While at the Old Port Cove Marina, we hope to walk over to Kokopelli and meet her owners.  It will be nice to put faces with names!  Think that about covers it for now. 

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